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Subtitle translation, captioning and transcription of audio and video recordings is exactly what the MD Online team understands.

Studies show that important players in each field invest in such materials to better promote their offer – and we know just how to assist you!


Experience in AVT

MD Online has substantial experience in providing AVT of product/information videos, legal information, educational content and other types of recordings.

Online Media Experts

We know how to navigate online media and maximise your benefit.

Numerous Languages

We offer competitive rates and are able to provide same-day turnaround for small or urgent translations in numerous lang.

Exactly the service your online media need

MD Online understands the nature of online media and knows how to work with them.

We can prepare a verbatim or standard transcription, with or without time codes, work with subtitles and their translations, even prepare voice-over content – all in a file format most convenient to you.

Foreign Subtitles

We strive for excellence, so your subtitles are prepared by native speakers of target languages. They ensure that the content perfectly fits your needs and appeals to your target audience. We may also proofread the subtitles or transcription you have created.


Transcription is a service in which we note down everything that is said in the recording. It can include the time codes, so you can locate the corresponding part of the audio.


Do you know that majority of audience watches videos mute and will skip any with no subtitles? Don’t lose potential audience and add subtitles to your videos!

Captioning means adding subtitles to the original video so they are displayed on the viewer’s screen.

  • May the Force be with you.
  • You're gonna need a bigger boat.
  • Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore.
  • I'm going to make him an offer he can't refuse.

On-point Vocabulary for Your Recordings

Our native speakers are familiar with the tools that have to be used to prepare the text you expect.

But there’s more we can do for you! Since we cooperate with skilled translators, the content we deliver is perfectly localised and will surely appeal to your target audience. We will choose just the right words to express the ideas you want to put forth and match the context of the visuals.

Our texts are faithful to the source and will not disturb the professional image you want to create. Whether you need a transcript, subtitles or some other rendition of your content, we can satisfy your needs.

Fast turnaround andPrices
You will get a non-binding quote within the hour – it will include pricing details and an estimated deadline. We know your business cannot wait!

MD Online believes that the cost should match the volume, so we adopted a per minute basis for transcription and per word for subtitling translation quotes.

Transparent Services and Terms of Cooperation

Quick Delivery

Since the beginning of our activity in the field, we have been striving to deliver perfection in a short time.

Evaluation in 1 Hour

The professional native speakers cooperating with MD Online are able to quickly handle recordings of various content, and our experienced in-house staff will inform you about the costs in less than 1hr.

200 Audiovisual Translators

Our team of over 200 translators all over the world makes it possible for your recording to reach every corner of the globe.

Delivering high quality is important to MD Online.

We understand that the audiovisual output tells a lot about the attitude of the company that stands behind it. As we care deeply about your image, we have introduced several quality assurance procedures to ensure it is not at risk.

We constantly monitor the performance of our team of translators so you get tailor-made solutions for your business.

Our Projects


The largest advertising event

Recording call centre messages in 25 languages for the largest advertising event in Poland

The popular international music festival

Recording announcements in 15 languages for a popular international music festival

The regional products in the EU

Transcribing, translating and synchronising subtitles for a film promoting regional products in the European Union

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